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Cinderella AI

Visual Products Search and Recommendations

Join the product search revolution with Cinderella AI, our feature allows finding and displaying the products similar or fitting the desired look and feel.

A dedicated mechanism for your eCommerce allows increasing not only Customer Experience but also Visual Experience.
Transfer real-world pictures into real-deal by integrating online and offline shopping experiences, promote 'shopping with your camera' idea and eliminate the friction between seeing and buying.
Sell to clients that have already made a decision, enable your regular clients to check whether your website has the same or similar product that they desire.


AI Visual Search Engine to automatically display the products similar or fitting to the picture uploaded by the customer


sense of visual discovery to the online world, by the implementation of AI Visual Product Search


Customer Experience through advanced optimization using not only AI Voice Search but also Visual Search


shopping journey, reduce steps needed to find a perfect product and optimize search-time


online and offline shopping strategies into one cohesive, effective campaign


products matching to the ones the customer is browsing through on your online store


AI-driven Visual Recommendations to display customers' favorite items and recommend them trendy products using various scenarios


the cart value by recommending products with matching look and style during checkout phas


path from search to conversion and speed up the process of searching for products on the website and mobile

  • Capabilities
    Cinderella AI
  • Powered by Google Vision
  • AI-driven Visual Recommendations
  • Engaging mobile experience
  • Various recommendation scenarios
  • Classifying products using predefined labels
  • Data labeling service
  • Simplified integration with your online store
  • Advanced AI product recognition
  • Detecting, comparing, and returning a ranked list of similar products

Full set of tools to improve searchandising on the website

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